Operational Consultation with the Design Team
• Architects
• Interior design
• Laundry Consultant
• Graphics
• Signage
• Engineers
• Food facilities consultant
• Specialized consultants
• Audio visual

Food & Beverage
• Outlet planning
• Space allocation
• Function space requirements and services
• Menu and cost planning
• Contract negotiations

Franchise Selection Process
• Assist in brand selection to ensure hotel project meets franchiser's criteria
• Assist in negotiating the license agreement to reduce franchiser fees

Pre-Opening Budget
• Pre-opening advertising and promotion
• Development of collateral, advertising, and promotional material
• Training of key management people and staff
• Preparation of annual operating budget with cash flow analysis
• Preparation of annual marketing plan

Operational Consultation in Facilities Programming and Selection Process
• Guestrooms; guestroom floors; business floors
• Service core primary circulation of guests & staff
• Guestroom services/amenities
• Elevators functionality
• Life safety systems
• Public areas; lobby; washrooms; offices
• Meeting, convention, and banquet space layout
• Recreational amenities
• Property management and computer systems
• Telephone and telecommunications equipment
• Locking and security systems

Recreation Facilities
• Size and concept
• Current standards & equipment recommendations

Start up of Hotel to Full Operating Requirements
This phase will be lined out during the presentation of the Management Agreement

Financial Administration
Timely, accurate financial data and analysis is essential to business planning. Our advanced, computerized accounting and data processing systems can pinpoint trends, and provide all of the reports necessary for financial evaluation and decision-making. Full service accounting including
• Financial reporting (monthly, quarterly, annually)
• Productivity analysis,
• Banking, credit, collections and cash management
• Policies, business and sales tax administration
• Licensing

Other Technical Service Support
Sequel Hotels offers a comprehensive range of technical support services to provide complete coverage of every aspect of hotel and resort management.
• Insurance and risk management
• Preventive maintenance systems
• Energy management systems
• Telecommunications systems
• Design consultation
• Purchasing consultation
• Architectural review
• Cost estimation

Operational Management
Setting and maintaining standards of excellence is the cornerstone of sound operational management. From the day-to-day administration of the front desk activities, housekeeping, and food and beverage services to providing management leadership, Atlific takes every aspect of operational control seriously.
• Standards of performance
• Rules of operation
• Quality control
• Labour cost management
• Physical plant management
• Investor/owner reporting
• Management direction and leadership
• Human Resources management

Sales & Marketing
Our sales and marketing professionals take a strategic approach to promoting your property through careful analysis of target markets, development of innovative programs and monitoring of results.
• Direct national and regional sales
• Market research
• Market plan development and forecasting
• Pre-opening sales
• Sales systems
• Sales audits
• Public relations
• Advertising
• Merchandising
• Cooperative marketing with other International business affiliations
• Development of Internet & Web system & promotion


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